Three Signs You Need Professional Pool Repair

11 February 2018
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Your pool is a great source of fun and relaxation throughout the summer months, but since it is made up of a variety of complex systems, your pool can also experience a number of issues through the course of normal operation. Understanding some of the signs associated with pool damage which may necessitate professional pool repair can help you catch such issues early so that you can address them before they grow to be more serious.

Liner Wear

One of the most common types of pool damage that you will experience is liner wear, which can normally occur over time as the chemicals in the water and general wear and tear attack the structural integrity of your pool liner. Look for signs of cracking or of small bunches forming in the surface of your liner, which can come before leaks develop. Furthermore, you should also keep an eye out for signs of color loss and bleaching: when this occurs to your vinyl liner, it has become seriously brittle and is at greater risk of ripping or tearing. Replacing the liner can help prevent leaks from developing which could cause damage to the concrete shell of your pool.


Another clear sign that your pool should be inspected by a professional is if you notice that there is a buildup of algae in the water or on the liner. Green and black algae blooms can point to a number of issues, from a chemical imbalance that is relatively easily fixed to a pump or filter malfunction, which may require repairs or even replacement to address. Not only can these algae cause damage to your pool's liner, filter, pump and other components, but it can pose a health risk to you if you swim through it.

Pump Issues

Your pool's pump acts as the heart of the entire system, moving water through a filter to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy to swim in. If you notice that your pool pump is not running any longer, or if it is creating a variety of irregular and unpleasant sounds while in operation, you will want to have a professional come in to inspect the pump, the attached filter, and any other areas which may be to blame. In best case scenarios, a malfunctioning pump can be fixed by simply removing a blockage: in other cases, you may have to replace the motor or the entire unit to get things working properly again. 

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