Installing A New Pool Liner? Preparation Work That Needs To Be Done First

6 December 2017
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Your swimming pool isn't going to last forever, but you should be able to get quite a few years out of it. The pool liner is what will most likely need to be repaired before anything else in your pool. The liner is made of a heavy-duty vinyl, but it can thin out over time and eventually tear, leaving you without any water in your pool if you aren't careful. Sure, you can repair these holes, but at some point, you will need to replace the liner altogether. If you are to that point, there are some preparation tasks that should be completed before you attempt to put in a new liner. See below for some of these tasks:

Remove The Old Liner

The old liner needs to be completely removed from your pool. This means you'll have to take off the rails and the plastic clips that were holding it in place. This liner has been holding water for quite some time and isn't going to be light, so cut the liner into smaller pieces to make it more manageable. If you don't have the new liner just yet, wait to begin any disassembling of your pool until you are ready to put in the new liner.

Rake And Tamp The Sand

Below your liner, you may have had sand. If you had a hole in your liner and any of this sand was washed out, you may need to replace some of this sand. Add only what is necessary to give your pool floor some cushion, then rake it through so you don't have any rocks, twigs or other debris that could push through your liner after it's filled with water. Next, take a tamper to tamp down the sand to make the sand level and to prevent any footprints or other "holes" that could fill in with dirt or other debris when you have water in your pool. These "holes" can make cleaning your pool a little more difficult.

Make Wall Repairs

Take a look at your pool walls to be sure they don't need any repairs. If the walls have any rusted areas, try your best to sand them down and paint over them with a rust-proofing paint on the inside and outside of the wall to protect it from further damage. Feel around for anything on the walls that could damage your liner and sand them down as best as you can.

Install The Liner

Once you have the walls repaired and sand tamped down, you can begin installing the new liner. This will take several pairs of hands to help and needs to be done quickly as the liner can shrink in the sunshine and heat, which can cause it to tear easily. If you aren't sure about installing the new liner yourself, hire a professional for help with this task.

Pool liners don't last forever, but they can be replaced if the rest of your swimming pool is in good shape. Installing it improperly can be a costly mistake. Hire a company like Kokopelli  Pool and Spa to replace the new liner for you to ensure it is done correctly and to lengthen the life of your pool.