Four Ways To Keep Children Safe In Backyards With Pools

17 July 2017
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If you've been longing to have a backyard swimming pool installed but have small children in the home, and you are concerned for their safety, you'll be glad to know there are ways to have your pool customized to optimize both poolside and in-pool safety. Although nothing is a substitute for making sure that your little ones are always wearing personal flotation devices and are never in the pool area unsupervised, you should still incorporate safety elements into the design of your pool and outlying pool area in order to prevent mishaps. 

Textured Surfaces

No matter how often we tell our little ones to slow down when navigating surfaces that may be slippery when wet, slip-and-fall accidents are still a big part of the picture in situations involving injuries in and around backyard pools. Textured concrete can make slipping and sliding occur far less frequently.

Isolating Fences

The best way to keep children safe from pool accidents is to minimize their chances of having unsupervised access to the pool. Fences designed to prevent access to pools are specifically designed to keep curious children out. Many different materials are available for this type of fencing, but most parents opt for something that offers visibility in the pool area itself such as chain link fencing rather than solid wood so that they can see if anyone has somehow slipped past the fence and has decided to go swimming. You should also consider having gate alarms installed on your pool fencing. 

Pool Safety Nets

Pool safety nets are designed to cover the surface of your pool when it's not in use. The holes in the net are too small for children to fit through, and the entire net can easily be put in place by an adult in a matter of minutes as well as removed when the time has come for family pool fun. Always make certain that you've fastened the net on tight, however, and make it clear to children that these nets are not for jumping on.

Above Ground Pool Alarms

Above ground pool alarms offer a final layer of protection and are designed to let you know if anyone has accessed your pool. These send off a pulsating alarm both indoors and outdoors, so you're sure to be alerted no matter what part of the property you're on. 

Always remember that nothing takes the place of proper adult supervision when it comes to child safety in the pool. To learn more about how to customize your swimming pool contact a pool contractor company such as DESJOYAUX POOLS.