Ten Awesome Additions To Make Your Pool The Best In The Neighborhood

4 October 2016
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Do want your backyard pool to be more than just a place to swim? According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, there are more than 5 million inground backyard pools in the United States. You can make your pool stand out from the rest. Here are ten wonderful ways to make your pool the talk of the neighborhood.

Add an Outdoor Living Area

Your pool doesn't have to be surrounded with simple concrete or tile. Build a large deck around your pool area with plenty of seating. Add a grill, a fire pit or even an outdoor kitchen to make the space perfect for dinner parties and other gatherings. 

You can even set up an outdoor living room complete with a television for relaxing evenings outdoors with the family. 

Bring in Natural Landscaping

Turn your pool into a backyard oasis by planting beautiful greenery around the outside to hide the edges and by landscaping the area around the pool with ornamental grasses, perennial flowers, and shrubs. 

Focus on tropical plants to bring in the sense of being in an exotic location, or recreate the look of a forest pond with wildflowers. 

Build a Spray Park

Use some space outside your pool to build a small spray park for the kids. All you need are pipes coming up out of the ground that periodically spray water. Dress them up with cute structures like bugs or animals. 

If you don't have room for a spray park outside your pool, you can create the same effect with floating sprayers that circulate throughout the pool while kids are swimming. 

Add a Floating Golf Course

Golf lovers will enjoy having a water hazard in their own backyard. You can buy a small, floating green to place in the pool and help sharpen your skills on the golf course. It also makes a fun game for pool parties. 

Drop in an Aquarium

What is cooler in a pool than swimming with actual fish? You can have an aquarium built into the side of your pool and enjoy taking a dip just like you were in a tropical sea. 

Create a Waterfall

Choose a waterfall to create a beautiful, calming space where you can sit and relax. Alternatively, you can add a waterfall as a place to play and romp while you swim. Waterfalls are pretty off the side of a pool with one raised edge or in a space where the shape of the pool changes. 

Build in a Cooler

Are you always looking for a cold drink while you swim. You can have a permanent cooler built directly into the side of your pool. Keep it stocked with cold drinks for everyone. 

Add Sophisticated Stone

Stone features bring your pool space to an entirely new level of sophistication. Add large rocks around the edges to create a more natural look, or use smoothed stones in a zero entry area of your pool for the look and feel of stepping into a natural pond. 

Bring in a Bar

Add a shelf to the edge of your pool, and install stools where people can sit together and enjoy a drink without ever leaving the water. Some pool stools include LED lights that blink and shine, adding to the party atmosphere. 

Set Up an Aquatic Movie Theater

Set up a large screen next to your pool, and invite your friends over for an aquatic movie night. Include inflatable floats and chairs for guests to relax on during the show. For even more fun, feature a movie like "Jaws". 

Your pool doesn't have to be a bore. It can be a terrific space for the family to spend time together or to throw the best neighborhood parties your friends have ever seen. Use these ten great pool additions to crank up your imagination and envision all your pool can be.