Hot Tubs in Winter: Advantages of Using a Weekly Spa-Cleaning Surface

4 October 2016
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During the winter months, your hot tub can be used to spend more time outdoors as you relax in the warm water and are not as exposed to the cold air. Naturally, there are a number of winter elements to consider when planning out your winter hot-tub use. Ignoring these elements can lead to major problems for the hot tub and result in poor performance when you use the hot tub. To help you get through the winter months, you can hire a spa repair service for weekly visits and inspections. During each visit, several inspections and tests will be performed on the hot tub. There are several advantages to this type of service, and understanding them all will help you see the best way to keep your hot tub going strong in the winter.

Water pH Balance and Treatments

One of the main objectives during a weekly visit is to ensure that the water quality in your hot tub is clear and clean. This is done by testing the pH balance and applying chemical treatments to help eliminate any extra elements found in the water. During the winter, you may find yourself using the hot tub while it is snowing out. This can create a relaxing and visually stunning experience, but the falling snow will also melt and become a natural part of the water inside the hot tub. By getting this water treated weekly, you can avoid any dramatic changes that may occur due to the addition of melted snow and moisture. The treatments will give you a relaxing and clean hot-tub experience that lasts all winter long.

Hot-Tub Waterline Inspection and Cleaning

The jets, massage elements, and filters on your hot tub all rely on water lines to create a flowing system. During the winter, your hot tub may be exposed to extreme temperatures that can create problems for the waterlines and the operation of the hot tub. During weekly services, the technicians will inspect the waterlines, check for any debris or signs of freezing, and ensure that everything is operating smoothly. If problems are noticed, they will typically be noticed early on before anything major happens or huge repairs are needed.

Outer Shell Cleaning and Clearing

Piles of snow and ice can create major damage for a hot tub. A weekly service can go a long way in protecting the shell and ensuring that the elements are protected. The outer shell will be cleaned of any excess snow or ice that has built up. Key areas will be focused on, including the power cords, access areas, and any openings. For example, the space between the hot-tub cover and the shell top will be inspected for the formation of ice. By removing the ice and moisture, you can prevent the hot tub from freezing shut, and you will be able to access the hot tub at any time. The bottom of the hot tub will also be cleaned and cleared out. This will help with the air flow and exhaust elements of the hot tub.

Hot-Tub Cover Conditioner Application

Your hot-tub cover is an essential part of protecting the water and keeping it warm. When the vinyl is exposed to moisture, the vinyl can expand, condense, and eventually rip. Protecting the cover is an important part of a weekly hot-tub service. During the winter, it is inevitable that snow will fall on the top of the cover. To help protect the cover from this extra moisture, technicians can apply conditioner to all of the outside elements. This application of conditioner will prevent moisture from reaching the materials and will allow your hot tub to look brand new.

Spa-service companies can often provide package deals on weekly visits. This will allow you to have a clean hot tub without having to make appointments each week. Talk to a company such as Anchor Pools & Spas for more information.